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January 10th Main Lake Water Temp. 40 Degrees

The Lake elevation is 3782.33 and the storage is 173,000 acre feet. The Main Lake is clear.

Fishing pressure is very light, but there are a few boats reporting moderate success.

Walleye are holding at 40 to 50 feet and are slow. They will take a Blade or a Jig and Grub combo presented slowly.

White Bass are at 30 to 40 feet along channel edges. Again, a slow presentation is the best.

I mentioned in the last post of 2016 that we are working on several new baits for this year. I was hoping to have some of them ready for pictures by now but it will be the next update, Jan. 24th, before I have them. Some of the new items are finesse baits that should work for both Bass and Walleye. One of them is a new Jig that we call Hedz, it matches well with a new Soft Plastic that is simply named Tailz. There is also a new Jig that has a hinged hook and can be used as a Swim Jig or a Flipping Jig, it pairs well with our new Super Swimmer swim bait for swimming. These are just a couple of the new things coming, there are several more and we will be featuring them on the fishing report throught out this year. I will have pictures and will talk about rigging, presenting and the success that Kathy and I have with each bait as we fish through the Spring and Summer.

This brings me to another topic. I will be 68 years old in 2 weeks, Kathy will be 65 in 1 month. I am asked quite often when are we retiring, the answer is simply, probably never. Having said that, we realize that this life is getting shorter and it is time to fish more and work a little less. We are going to take one or two afternoons a week and hit the water for a few hours. The store will be open every day, we are just going to get out more. I will be talking about this in the report through the year so those of you that follow the report in the Winter will see this more than once.

We are looking forward to the new year and seeing everyone again. The Lake level is good and it should be a great year on Ute Lake!



Until next week,


Ben and Kathy




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