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June 30th Main Lake Water Temp. 78 Degrees

The Lake elevation is 3778.95 and the storage is 151,000 acre feet. The Main Lake is stained.

The bite is holding up pretty good considering the surface temperature is approaching 80 degrees.

Walleye-Fair to Good-They are starting to move a little deeper, 18 to 25 feet, but they are still active. Jigs tipped with either Nightcrawlers, Leeches, or Live Minnows seems to be the best choice. They are scattered but more Walleye are starting to show up on the Main Lake.

White Bass-Good-They are really busting the surface right now. PopRs and Chug Bugs are good surface choices. They are the most active in the Canadian from Horseshoe Bend to the Ranch House. One good tactic is to troll until you see a surface boil and then cast to the school.

Crappie-Slow- Night fishing with Live Minnows is the most productive.

Bass-Fair-They seemed to take a break this week. They are moving deeper, 8 to 15 feet, and keepers were harder to come by. Soft Plastics is still a good choice. The early Top Water is still pretty, it just doesn't last very long.

Catfish-Good-They are still going pretty strong. The Canadian is the better choice with Punch Bait being the most productive bait.

An update on the fish cleaning facility- it has been fenced with a locked gate. When you have fish to clean come into the store and we will unlock it for you. This gives us a chance to make sure that everyone using it reads and understand the posted information. Remember, it will only be available during the hours that the store is open. I recommend that you get here by 4:00 PM, or so if you have fish to clean. If another party arrives while you are cleaning fish please advise them that they must check with the store before cleaning their fish. I will try to get signs ready to post that explains this, but it may be a while before they are ready. It is there for the use of our Customers and we want them to use it, recent circumstances have forced us to make these changes.

I really don't know what has happened to 2015, the 4th of July is here and it seems like I was wearing my coat to work just last week! The weekend kicks off with the Street Dance Friday night, is followed by the Parade Saturday morning, the Been Feed Saturday afternoon, and ends up with the Fireworks at dusk Saturday night. There will be a lot of folks here and the Lake will be very busy. Please be patient, courteous, and above all, BE SAFE!


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