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May 26th Main Lake Water Temp. 65Degrees

The Lake elevation is 3778.71 and the storage is 150,000 acre feet. The Main Lake is stained.

The Memorial Day weekend is behind us and the first part of it was pretty wet. The Lake has come 8" in elevation since last Tuesday. Even with the heavy boat traffic fishing was good this past week.

Walleye-Good-Jigging with Live Leeches and Curly Tail Grubs tipped with small pieces of Night Crawler worked well this week. The Walleye are scattered, but the depth mentioned most was 12 to 18 feet. High Deset Guide Service brought by clients for a picture that they caught on Friday. I apologize, I didn't get the names, but it was a nice string of fish.

White Bass-Fair-Trolling with Crankbaits that will run 8 to 12 feet is your best option. The area from Horseshoe Bend to the Bell Ranch House seems to be the best.

Crappie-Fair-The folks that found them did well, but it seems as though this weather is still making them a day to day guessing game. The coves in the Canadian from Bull Canyon to Romero Canyon have been productive.

Bass-There weren't a lot of folks targeting Bass over the weekend. They are in various stages of the spawn and the bite has been good. Soft Plastics worked in 4 to 8 feet of water is a good choice.

Catfish-Good-The Upper Canadian has been the best area. Punch Bait and Nightcrawlers have both been good.

The Logan Bass Club and the Friends of Ute Lake will be hosting a Kid's Fishing Derby June 6th. It will be at the Marina from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. There will Hot Dogs served at noon and each kid gets a fishing pole. They must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian and they must have a lifejacket. June 6th is a free fishing day, licenses are not required.

Now, a subject that I wish I didn't have to address. The fish cleaning facility behind our store was built to be a convenience for our Customers, it was never intended to be a public facility. I guess over time word of mouth has made this no longer the case, thus there are people using it that we never see, and it has become a problem, the greatest one being some people seem to think that our neighbor's dumpster is a fish disposal, it is not! As soon as I can get it lined up the fish cleaning table will be fenced and gated. It will only be availabe for use during the hours that the store is open. Until that time, it will be covered when we are closed with a sign that says it is not to be used after hours. When you have fish to clean please stick your head in the door and let us know you are there. We built this for our customers and we want them to use it, I know that 99% of you have always been very respectful of it and I hate to make this decision, but it is made. I really didn't want it to come down to this, but I don't have a choice.


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