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May 23rd Main Lake Water Temp. 65 Degrees

The Lake elevation is 3782.22 and the storage is 172,000 acre feet. The Main Lake is clear.

This week was a mixed bag as far as the weather was concerned. There was wind, some rain, and couple of nice days thrown in. The fishing was pretty good on the days that were stable.

Walleye-Fair- They are still holding in 15 to 20 feet of water. Bottom Bouncing with Nightcrawlers or Leeches is starting to produce better. We are still getting reports that trolling with Cranks that run 8 to 12 feet is fair.

Bass-Good-We saw some really nice Bass come arcross the scales this week. There were a number of Smallmouth in the 3 to 3 1/2 lb. range weighed in. Also, I saw a few Largemouth that were around 4 lbs. that were caught. Rande Kelly had a nice 5.07 lb. Black on Sunday. It looks like the Smallmouth have just about finished the spawn, there are a lot of fry starting to show up. The better Smallies are pulling back into 8 to 12 feet of water and Plastics are working the best. I think that there are still some Largemouth that are on beds.

Hereford Bass Club-5/21/17-3 Fish Limit

1st Place-Angie Colantonio-8.50 Lbs.

2nd Place-Laura Elkins-7.88 lbs.

3rd Place-Walter Burnett-7.86 lbs.

Big Bass-Ed Campbell-3.62 lbs.


Tip Top Bass Club-5/21/17

1st Place-Tom Jessop-15.92 lbs.

2nd Place-Steve White-9.35 lbs.

3rd Place-Donny McWhirter-8.55 lbs.

Big Bass-Rande Kelly-5.07 lbs.


White Bass-Slow-We are not getting many reports of many Whites being caught. They seem to be still scattered. We have only talked to a few fisherman that have caught any numbers.

Catfish-Fair-Punch Bait, Chicken Liver, and Nightcrawlers are the best bet.

Crappie-Fair-They have slowed down some. The weather is really affecting them. The Upper Canadian has been the best area.

I don't know where the times goes, but Memorial Day is here! We are expecting a big crowd so please be safe!



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